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ITEN enhanced Edition

Postby Z0r4n » February 9th, 2014, 11:37 pm

Hey all.

Due to some Lack of updates on ITEN, I started to work on some updates on ITEN 3.0.

1) many people complained about the flamer rules, being complicated and slowing down the actual game, I suggest to replace the actual rule by this one :
Flamethrower template :
Any form of flamethrower sends out a stream of flames that may hit one or more targets.
The player places the sharp Tip of the flamethrower template in base contact with the shooter and the round tip where he wants.
The shooter must then roll to hit all Figures (enemy and allies included) covered or partially covered by the template.
Cover does not add to armour for resisting flamethrower attacks.
A figure using a flamethrower has their armour rating reduced by 1, to reflect the constant risk of the promethium tanks being ruptured and immolating them.
This armour penalty does not reduce the points cost of the figure.

I also included a 6'' blast template to streamline the use of grenade and some other weapons.


Full size templates (also available via yahoogroups)

2) here are some of my Thoughts about iten and how conversions (characters and weapons) should be made based on 40k :

Grit : grit is a combination of leadership and toughness, well, toughness is the main trait here so grit will be based entirely on it :
T5=Grit 2
T4=Grit 3
T3=Grit 4
T2=Grit 5
T1=Grit 6
Multiple Hp models :
2 Hp : +1 grit (max Grit 1+, remember a 1 is an auto fail)
3hp : +1 grit; hard to kill ?

FV :
Is entirely based on WS and attacks
WS 6=FV 5
WS 5=FV 4
WS 4=FV 3
WS 3=FV 2
WS 2=FV 1
WS 1=FV 0

If the model Has 2 or 3 attacks : FV+1
If the model has more than 3 attacks : FV+2

Well Daemon prince and Avatar shouldn't be allowed in ITEN

Speed :
Actually there's no speed value in 40k, but Initiative is made to represent faster models so :
I3 or less : +0 Speed
I4 or more : +1 Speed

Models with fleet special rules get +1 speed, models with slow and purposeful gets a -1 modifier

so a classic Space marine profile would be :

Space marine
Grit 3+
FV +3
SV +3
Speed +1

Weapons :
Range : same or closest as 40k weapons.
less than 12'' = 0
Between 12'' and 18''=1
Between 18'' and 24"=2
Between 24" and 36"=3
Between 36" and 48"=4

Bonus : is actually a bonus to the to hit, armour piercing roll. This attributes is based solely on AP

Grit penalty : is a malus to the model toughness, it is based on the strength of the weapons :
Str8=Grit penalty-5
Str7=Grit penalty-4
Str6=Grit penalty-3
Str5=Grit penalty-2
Str4=Grit penalty-1
Str3 or less=Grit penalty 0

Note for ccw weapons you have to had to take the total force of the model (F+ CCW bonus) maybe the x2 on the case of some really powerful weapons like power glove.

In the case of the Bolter

Range 24"
Combat bonus 1
Grit penalty -1
Cost 7

Add +1 to combat bonus for assault/heavy 2, +2 for A/H 3, +3 for A/H4.

Rapid fire can fire with +1 grit if they didn't move during their turn (free)

Flamethrower template is free, based on the armour malus and low range (6" long template)

Blast radius template should be higher costed, but in my example, blast radius template weapons are close to useless (grenade) or on dual mode weapons (blastmaster, missile launcher) wich are already kinda expensive.
Twin linked cost 10 points and is the equivalent of the targeter.

Here is an example with the chaos armory

I ve also started an ork retinue pdf, not taking into account many suggestions I ve done above.

What do you think of all this folks?

I ve expanded my work in progress ranged weapons document:

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