In the Emperor's Name!

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In the Emperor's Name!

Postby Craig » September 7th, 2011, 11:53 am

I still remember with great fondness the original Rogue Trader rules for Warhammer 40K. I played endless games with my friends across tabletops populated with a wide range of figures and terrain made from shoeboxes. Even though the rules were clunky and often didn’t work we found that we could have fun by operating with a cheerful disregard for anything that did not make sense.

The main game of Warhammer 40K remains one of the most popular in the world, despite rules that run into hundreds of pages and the continuous churning out of army codices. I believe that it is the 40K universe itself that keeps people playing rather than the rules and figures.

When Space Crusade and then Space Hulk came out I was overjoyed. Simple rules made the play fun again. Unfortunately when the deal with Milton Bradley ended so did most support for these games.

The next true skirmish game from GW was Necromunda. The rules were quite complex and restricted to playing the featured gangs in the box. Like Space Crusade support dwindled and it went into the back catalogue (Specialist Games).

By now I was reading Black Library books and wishing I could be the Inquisitors Eisenhorn and Ravenor, so imagine my joy when the Inquisitor game came out. I rushed down to my local GW and bought the rules. Thank the Emperor I didn’t buy the figures too because the rules were probably the worst that GW had ever created. I couldn’t believe that you needed such a huge volume of rules to describe a game between two groups of five to ten figures.

My original draft was actually quite short, but the ideas and rules it contained were seized upon by the Development Group and the size and depth of these skirmish rules expanded rapidly. A first edition came out and was downloaded over 2,000 times. The feedback that came in helped us to develop a second edition, which has now gone through 5,000 downloads in only ten days.

We are now working on a Generic SciFi version and will need the assistance ogf all of you to make this as good as its parent. What comes after that is up to you.
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