Dead Men Walking

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Dead Men Walking

Postby Gabbi » November 21st, 2011, 12:32 pm

This is my 1st attemp at a retinue created not following an existing list. The intended goal is to re-create the characters from Dead Men Walking novel (wich I would suggest to everyone interested in something a bit deeper than a serie of battle chronicles with Imperials just kicking asses around).

Commissar Costellin (IG Commissar):
2+ +2 +3 +0, Leader, Iron Discipline, Plasma Pistol, Chainsword, Flak Armor, 39pts

Colonel 186 (IG Officer):
3+ +2 +3 +0, Leader, Stalwart, Bolt Pistol, Sword, Flak Armor, 29pts

DCK Guardsmen:
4+ +1 +2 +0, Stalwart, Hellgun, Flak Armor, 24pts
4+ +1 +2 +0, Stalwart, Plasmagun, Flak Armor, 26pts

Gunthar Soreson:
4+ +0 +1 +1, Hellgun, Flak Armor, 18pts

5+ +0 +1 +1, Lasgun, Flak Armor, 13pts

Comments, suggestions, critics are welcome, especially by those who have read the book.

Thoughts: I was thinking if would be appropriate to give a carapace armor to the commissar, (the book doesn't specify an armor, and 2nd editions memories tell me that IG wear flak).
Also, I was thinking on an upgrade for DCK troopers to Grenadiers, giving them carapace (again) as the book describes them as having the rebreather moved on the back, to allow more armor on the front.

again, I would suggest you the book: I just finished reading it and really enjoyed it (though "enjoyed" ma be not the most appropriate word for a novel as grim as this one ;)).
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