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Postby Jodrell » May 16th, 2012, 11:40 am

I noticed that the Tau list is missing Vespids, so here's a stab:

Strain Leader
Grit: 4+
FV: 3+
SV: 3+
Speed: 4+
Notes: Leader

Grit: 4+
FV: 2+
SV: 3+
Speed: 4+

Armour: Vespid Armour
Type: Light
Notes: 6+ To Hit

Weapon: Neutron Blaster
Type: Medium
Combat Bonus: 2+
Range: 12"
Grit Penalty: none
Cost: 2


Vespid Strain Leader with Vespid Armour and Neutron Blaster: 22pts
Vespid Stingwing with Vespid Armour and Neutron Blaster: 21pts

Not much variation here but then Vespids have not been well developed in 40K. Their main advantage is their high speed. Perhaps the forthcoming Tau codex will add some more options. They could be customised by giving them access to Tau weaponry that the 40K codex forbids.

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