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Busiris the RPG

Postby Craig » September 7th, 2011, 12:04 pm

"Busiris is a colony of a distant, almost fabled, Empire. It is a melting pot where the high culture & ancient magic of the Empire meets a new continent full of promise & danger. Here the Old Deities compete with the Wild Spirit Lords of the interior & their feral magic.

Being a place of both peril & fabulous riches it attracts the best & worst men of the Empire. Ambitious Princes, devious Priests & greedy Merchants rub shoulders with Mercenaries, Adventurers & Tomb Robbers.

Everyone is out to make their fortune & advance their destiny far from the stultifying & oppressive ‘harmony’ of the Empire proper. Intrigue, conspiracy & betrayal are as common as the rain is not."

This RPG is based around the Dead Simple engine and takes it to places it hasn't been before. The original setting, a sort of cross between Ancient Egypt, the Tales of the Arabian Nights, Prince of Persia and Dune, has struck a chord with many players across the world and we have had hundreds of downloads from the blog.

Already the game has the following published:
    The Core Rules
    The Game Masters Companion
    The City of Busiris
    The Citizens of Busiris
    The City Bestiary
    The Souk
    The Temples
    The Beyond the City walls
    The Adventure 1- The Lion Roars
There is so much more to do for this, so watch this space...
"Youth and Talent are no match for Age and Treachery".

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