Special Operations Executive

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Special Operations Executive

Postby Craig » October 20th, 2013, 9:08 am

During the second world war an elite secret force was formed to attack the enemy from within. Its methods were subversion, sabotage, assassination and terror. Many of its agents did not survive. Often captured, tortured and executed, their work was cloaked in secrecy and all but forgotten. They were the Special Operations Executive (SOE).

At the end of the war they were sacrificed upon the altar of political necessity and disbanded. The victims of inter-agency rivalry. Or were they? In the world of SOE21, not so very different from our own, Churchill secretly ordered that the SOE was to continue, as the hidden and deniable agent of Britain’s otherwise less acceptable activities. One by one SOE’s top wartime agents ‘died’, apparently at the hands of the fledgling KGB, and even MI5 and MI6. In fact they took on new identities and became a deadly and effective underground army.

Even after Churchill lost power he continued to command the actions of the SOE. With the help of loyal civil servants the SOE recruited men and women, to train and, in times of need, to act on behalf of British interests. When Churchill died, he left as his legacy an independent and well-supported organisation, led by an appointed Council of former Operatives, and working to the Charter. This Charter has 21 clauses and guides all actions of the Council and its active Operatives. The SOE, now renamed SOE21, has Council members in all areas of Government and the British intelligence community. It has infiltrated the top levels of the armed forces and many of Britain’s largest corporations.

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