Mecha Scenarios Set

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Mecha Scenarios Set

Postby snowy » April 6th, 2012, 9:55 pm

Hi, I have been playing around with a set of scenarios involving Mechs with an arcadey feel. They were designed to be used with the Fubar Mech rules I proposed but could be easily adapted to fit and ruleset, hence sticking them in their own thread.

The scenarios themselves are all based around competing groups of Mercenary Mechs and are loosely inspired on old 90's arcade games...the idea being I wanted fast paced and fun scenarios.

Hope anyone can make use of these and some feedback would be great, i've chucked a fair few ideas into these....and spell checked them this time! It would be good to see which ones play out ok if any..

Also, does anyone know of any good software for making maps? My graphic design skills are pretty poor so it would be nice to be able to create some half decent maps :)

Five Mech based Scenarios
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