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Postby Craig » September 13th, 2011, 8:29 am

These are a simple set of rules to enable fans of fantasy wargaming to play games without a 200 page perfect bound book constantly at their fingertips. Although these rules are a stable mate to the increasingly popular Forge of War SF rules, they are aimed at clashes between armies rather than small Contingent actions. So though they share some mechanics they are very different in play.

These rules are aimed at a generic, medieval, high fantasy setting. Thus there are no cannon, muskets or similar renaissance anachronisms. If you need more bang for your buck then buy the services of a Company of Wizards or Priests. Force Lists will be produced to tailor this to a number of famous settings such as Middle Earth, Hyboria, Glorantha etc.

I began writing these around the time I first published FoW, and for the same basic reasons (WHFB being a beast to play). As you can imagine I've not had a lot of time since to work on them. However, given that WHFB 8th Edition has proved to be a complete monster I think that maybe UH's time has come and would like to invite people to contribute to these.

I have attached the fourth draft for you to peruse.
Unleash Hell v0.4.docx
The fourth draft of the core rules
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