A suggestion for armored combat

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A suggestion for armored combat

Postby tgunner91 » December 8th, 2012, 2:26 pm

A couple of weeks ago I played a game with a lot of AFVs. It was a fun game but the vehicle damage rules felt lacking. It didn't feel quite right to whittle down vehicles. I know, from being a former tanker, that tank actions are very decisive. Your shell can bounce off the enemy's armor, hit and do some damage, or finally hit and hard kill the enemy. The current rule do reflect this but the armor aspect rules really stiffle this. Almost to the point that head on hard kills are nearly impossible the achieve! Even when you have a lightly armored pc taking a round from a heavy cannon and shrugging it off with just a stun. Yes that can happen but that's not the likely result.

So here is a suggestion to try out. Keep all the rules as they are but add one thing: when the shot hits and the defender finishes their armor saves count the number of damage dice that are left. Each die beyond the first becomes a + modifier on the vehicle damage table. That bonus applies to both damage rolls on frontal hits too.

For example I have an MBT with a heavy cannon shoot at and hit another MBT from the front. After armor saves I have two successful FP dice left. So then I would roll twice on the damage table but add a plus one to the roll. The enemy would take the lesser of the two.

This does two things:

1. It cuts down the dice rolling which slows the game.
2. It increases the chances of inflicting heavy damage/kills when using large FP weapons.

What do ya'll think?

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Re: A suggestion for armored combat

Postby sharkbait » December 10th, 2012, 3:36 am

Sounds good to me. I need to try this in my next game along with the "new" activation rules.

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Re: A suggestion for armored combat

Postby golan2072 » December 10th, 2012, 9:49 am

I'd also add anti-armour or armour-piercing weapons. Such weapons will roll only once on the damage table rather than twice (or maybe roll twice and let the attacker choose the higher result?). This is for main tank guns and specialized anti-tank weapons.

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Re: A suggestion for armored combat

Postby mithril » December 12th, 2012, 10:26 pm

my suggestion for "anti-armor" weapons is different.

frankly, it is really hard to kill a vehicle with a rifle or pistol. usually you have to resort to special heavy weapons. so what i'd do is make a rule where any weapon without the Anti-Armor keyword count vehicle armor saves as one higher on the chart. so a 6+ armor Jeep would roll it's saves as if it were a 5+ armor vehicle if being shot at by non-anti-armor weaponry. thus a medium tank at 3+ armor save would be a 2+ and so on. obviously a heavy tank at 2+ would remain a 2+.

anti-armor weaponry would not have this drawback applied to them. so if your using a rocket launcher or tank gun or whatever, your ability to hunt vehicles is unimpaired.

this would make it harder to kill tanks by swamping them with shots from hordes of riflemen.

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Re: A suggestion for armored combat

Postby tgunner91 » July 3rd, 2013, 2:57 pm

I've been playing around with my suggested changes and I like them, but I'm still not quite getting what I want. The biggest problem is still the damage allocation table and the number of dice you roll for hits. As it stands now you roll 2d6 for frontal shots and the one that is the most advantageous to the defender is used. This still keeps armored combat to a slugging match as it's nearly impossible to roll two sixes on 2D6. You still get an abnormal number of stun results and weapon outs which, at times, makes head-on shot kills nearly impossible. So here's another change:

Frontal shots roll a straight up 1d6.
Flank shots do the same but add +1 to the roll.
Rear shots are the same as flank shots but at a +2.

That, along with the bonus from additional hits, should make armored combat far more deadly for AFVs. I'm going to try this out in my games and see how they work out. Hopefully my MBTs will start scoring first round kills on lightly armored APCs... for once! 8D

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