The Humble D6...

The next generation of the FUBAR rules will be created here.
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The Humble D6...

Postby Craig » April 7th, 2013, 3:31 pm

Hi All,

Yes I am still here and I am still committed to overhauling FUBAR, however, IHMN has been taking a little bit of my time in the run-up to the launch :shock:

A fundamental question - should the game remain wedded to the D6?

As a die it limits our options and the range of what we can add to the game. So what say you all?
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Re: The Humble D6...

Postby ianrs54 » April 7th, 2013, 4:18 pm

Does it need more variability ?

If it does which is the way to go

1) No more that one type
2) No more than 1 rolled for an action (sorry that eliminates 2D6)
3) Avoid the "uncommon" types - D4, D8, D12.

So either use a D10 - gives a nice probability calculation or D20 - as previous.

Think the D10 would be preferable but.....

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Re: The Humble D6...

Postby golan2072 » April 7th, 2013, 5:27 pm

I'd say stick with the good, old D6. It's the easiest to get in good numbers which are useful for large fights with a lot of FP.

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Re: The Humble D6...

Postby swordsworn_pilot » April 16th, 2013, 8:27 pm

I would stick with the d6,
Cons- each point modifier is 17% ish thus restrictive.
can make some mechanisms trickier ie: artillery deviation

Pros- we all own bucket fulls
larger flat faces make for less "burnt toast" results
most users of fubar will be used to d6. so tinkering with core points will drive more players away than gained.
Be careful not to let a fan based system become ever evolving we all want them to create our wargame ideal. So create the core system and keep it, unless broken the evolve the fringes only.

That said I do believe that introducing another die such as a d10 may be useful for some results such as Artillery,

Remember these are just my ramblings and am enjoying what you have done so far.

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Re: The Humble D6...

Postby tgunner91 » April 19th, 2013, 2:58 am

The d6 works. It isn't as clean as the d10 but it keeps modifiers down. Heck, who wants to spend game time slicing hairs with modifiers? To me that is one of the big appeals to FUBAR. There are enough modifiers to give the game flavor but not so many that I need some big chart to help me remember them all.

Also the d6, as mentioned above, is a universal die. Everyone has them and they are very easy to get! That keeps FUBAR open to a huge crowd. Almost by definition, if you go to one of the other die types then you reduce your base of players. Right now I can point my students toward FUBAR and they can download it and run their own games. Go to d10 and now gaming novices have to find a die that can be tough to get for general public folks.

It isn't broke, so don't fix it! 8D

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Re: The Humble D6...

Postby serge » April 26th, 2013, 11:33 am

The question is what would be the purpose of changing dice size ? What are the limitations of the d6, and what could a d10 offer ? Is the gain enough ?

I am in the process of the same thinking about my latest rules and i keep on switching from d6 to d10 without being able to settle it...

Now, the game system being what it is, it somewhat doable to produce two versions, one with d6, one with d10. That would lead to long argumentations on which +1/d6 modifier to turn into a +1 or a +2/d10 but that could be interresting.

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Re: The Humble D6...

Postby swordsworn_pilot » April 27th, 2013, 9:36 am

The excellent Blitkrieg Commander system did offer an optional D10 resolution chart on the forums for combat. Other systems have also had fans who have offered up D10 or %tile results, However within the gaming community the humble D6 still rules supreme and even when as mentioned fans and designers have dabbled the changes in dice rarely catch on.
That said however in my experiance if a game system works with a particular die mechanic then stick with it. Look at Fire and Fury it uses D10s and is a great set of rules for it.
So I would advocate that if a change is going to be an improvement then it should be sold as the core of a whole new game concept.
Thus Ultra Fubar should be D6, or "SNAFU" a D10 alternative system for example, Could be offered up.

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