Swarms and Behemoths

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Swarms and Behemoths

Postby hosercanadian » July 6th, 2013, 10:05 pm

I am pondering over how to introduce a couple of new unit types into the game and I think they might have some wider appeal. Anyways, I figured some input would benefit me and others who may want to use the same ideas.

Swarms are represented by a larger base with many models. The exact number of models is not relevant as the swarm is abstract.

Each swarm base has a suppression value. Unlike normal infantry, when a swarm fails an armour save it gains a suppression marker (even from melee attacks). Once the swarm has a number of suppression markers equal to its suppression value it is considered destroyed. Like all suppression markers, a swarm removes all suppression markers after an activation roll (successful or not).

If a swarm has a shooting value it represents the total shooting value of the swarm base, not the shooting value of each model.

A swarm has a melee value, the number of models a swarm may engage in melee. A swarm only needs to be in physical contact with one model of a unit to engage a number of opponents equal to it's melee value.

If a swarm unit is within unit coherence of other swarms when activated, it may absorb those models/units to form a larger swarm unit. The 50% mark to be considered broken is based on the new unit size.

Behemoths are large living creatures tougher and more resilient than most. A behemoth can suffer damage and suppression from the same shooting attack to represent the large size. Like a vehicle, a behemoth is immune to small arms if it has a save of 5+ or greater. When a behemoth would be considered a casualty (fails an armour save when the unit suppression value has been reached) it is instead injured and suffers a -1 to all rolls. An injured behemoth is removed as a casualty if it suffers a second injured result.

A bit wordy right now, but just the initial ideas to get pared down.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Re: Swarms and Behemoths

Postby hosercanadian » July 14th, 2013, 5:58 pm

So this may be a bit vague, an example or two may clarify.

A unit of land pirhanas consists of 3 bases. Each base has a suppression value of 2, a melee value of two, and no save.

If fired at, each base needs to take 2 damage to die. When shot at by a platoon they suffer 4 hits. Each base takes one suppression marker and one base is removed. When the unit is next activated all the suppresion markers are removed and the two bases make contact. In melee four of the hapless infantry must fight the swarms as each base can fight twice.

Tougher swarms have a higher suppression value and/or armour.

The Bio Soldier 900 series have a save of 5+, and are veteran (giving supression of 3 for the unit).

A unit of infantry fire rifles (to no effect) and an RPG at the behemoth unit. 3 hits are all taken as suppression. An attack helicopter lobs in several rockets injuring one of the behemoths. It now has -1 to all melee an activation rolls. After failing to activate the supressed markers are removed, and the helicopter scores 4 hits. The Bio Soldier fails all saves and dies.

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