Is FUBAR 4.0's activation system actually broken?

The next generation of the FUBAR rules will be created here.
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Is FUBAR 4.0's activation system actually broken?

Postby tgunner91 » June 22nd, 2014, 10:40 pm

I shall revisit each rule in turn to see if it has worked and can we improve it. For example: upon reflection, and having read hundreds of posts and comments on the subject, I think Activation is broken in that it makes elite forces far more powerful than less skilled ones. Players are losing games not because they are poor tacticians but because they had poor dice rolls. I have ideas on how we improve this.

I played another round of FUBAR today, but this time I played with the regular rules instead of my normal "ultra" rules. I switched to "ultra" because I too thought that the activation system was broken. But today I went back to the original rules just because I was tired of my "ultra" game and wanted to try something different. The results surprised me!

To set things up, I played a small infantry game with about 6 troops on one side and around 11 on the other. Yeah, really small. I played the game with the rules as they stand but with one change. I changed the stats for troops types. Here's what I used:

Type Activation Expertise Suppression
Green 4+ 5+ 2
Seasoned 3+ 5+ 3
Veteran 3+ 4+ 4
Elite 2+ 4+ 4

Yeah, I just knocked the values "down" some. Why? Well, as they stood Green troops were pretty worthless. The only activated 1/3d of the time, were suppressed by dirty looks, and couldn't hit the far side of a barn from the inside!. So I took what were seasoned troops and "demoted" them to green and then used that the base for the other troop types.

So what do I have now? My green troops activate about half the time you need them to, they hit about 1/3d of the time and they can take some hits before falling to suppression. That feels right for trained, but inexperienced nubes. These are useful troops, but not overly dependable. The other troops work up from there until you get to the kickbutt Elites who activate nearly all the time, hit most of the time, and take some serious work to suppress. Then you have everything in between.

So how did it go? I'll post a full AAR later, but let's just say it went very well! Most units activated and did useful things, but you still had times where it seemed like some units struggled to get things going... which is combat! This game felt right.

So maybe the basic game is fine, the perceived problem is just how you stat up the units. Like I said, I'll post an AAR with pictures later. I tried to catch die rolls and mechanics in the game so I can make my points.

But yeah, I think I've changed my mind about FUBAR 4.0. I think it's just fine in its current state. It just needs to go to a conventional format to explain the mechanics. Like I said, more later.

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Re: Is FUBAR 4.0's activation system actually broken?

Postby Froggy the Great » June 23rd, 2014, 2:07 pm

I've found tht green troops with a good leader will activate much more often.

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