Gritty Sci-Fi participation game fro Salute '14

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Gritty Sci-Fi participation game fro Salute '14

Postby mcfonz » October 10th, 2013, 1:15 pm

I have been thinking about how to start this thread, as in where to start. So I shall try with the wordy bits and then add WIP pictures etc afterwards. At least I think that is the best way to go!

First off, there is a 'frother' theme to this owing to the fact that it was an idea first conceived on that forum. Word of warning for those of you that don't know of the Frothers Unite forum, it is very much an adult forum and not 'family' friendly in many ways. It is full of good natured ranty banter of the fun type. Think of it a bit like a pub on a Friday evening! :D

Anyway I digress! Fluff/mission briefing:

The future, we imagine it to be a place of high technology, gently whirring processors, glowing lights and hover cars.

That future is for the privileged, the lucky ones born or their applications accepted to live on a type 1:Alpha planet.

The colonies of man spread across the stars, the most desirable and hospitable planets designated as type 1:Alpha planets, those most suited to supporting large populations, many in luxury.

Planets are then graded according to their desirability for supporting human life in ways that are equal to or better than earth. Some Terra-formed, others without need of assistance and simply colonised.

Type 2 planets are industrial planets, many are very lucky to get the Alpha grading for supporting human inhabitation. Many feature colonies in domed accommodation situated near to or next to the primary source of industry such as resource mining.

Humanity can only tolerate so much inequality. Type 1 planets being prioritised for resources and technological development leaving the others behind and in some cases struggling for basic living needs.

It was inevitable that a war would break out.

Industrialised planets started to form a Federation. The other planets remained in the Alliance. Those in between or caught being indecisive became the battleground.

Delphic 3, Type 1: Delta was one such planet. A smaller than average population and a low priority planet with decent resources. Plush enough to support life without habitat domes but dusty and warm was not seen as an ideal colony planet. It offers low level industrialised component and resource production.

The Nova-Fed saw this as a strategic easy target. Home grown Alliance forces were ill-equipped and unprepared. The invasion was short, lasting only three cycles. In the last hours many of the defenders went underground, knowing that possibly their best chance was to sabotage, make the occupation of their planet as painful and as costly as possible to their enemies.

The capital city, Delph, features a sector of sprawling industrial buildings and cargo holding areas serviced by landing pads and broken up by old, now quiet, raised highways.

Sector 13: Froth Town, is one such part of the industrialised sector. And on this day, a high ranking Nova-Fed Official has chosen to visit in a display of strength and solidarity, to inspect production and workers to ensure they understand who their new rulers are. Just in case of unrest the Nova-Fed have units in the area on standby.

The Delphic Resistance Fighters intelligence network has picked up on this and quickly identify the official as an ideal political prisoner for ransom purposes and as a show of their own strength. They must try to take him alive!

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Re: Gritty Sci-Fi participation game fro Salute '14

Postby mcfonz » October 10th, 2013, 5:09 pm

Now, baring in mind that up until registering for this forum I only knew about Fubar, it is eerie that some of the 'tweaks' I have made are actually part of other rule sets here! For the sake of simplicity I am only putting up the bits of the basic rules I have changed.

Playing the Game
This game is played using a deck of cards that equates to one ‘turn’.

Each section is represented by a corresponding card which is added to the deck. In addition to one card for each unit there will be a ‘Joker’ and an ‘Ace’ for each side involved in the game. Some units may also add additional cards to the deck.

‘Aces’ - Aces allow a player to re-roll one of their own failed rolls corresponding to one of their own units. This must only be one dice. So for example the ‘ace’ can be played to reroll a failed activation, failed armour save or failed shot. An ‘ace’ can also be played to cancel the effects of an opponent playing a ‘joker’ on you.

‘Jokers’ - Jokers allow a player to force the reroll of one of their opponents successful die rolls. This may only be one dice. As with ‘aces’ this normally means a successful activation, saving throw or shot roll. A ‘Joker’ can be played to cancel the effects of an opponent playing an ‘ace’.

Prior to the start of the game all of the cards are gathered into the deck and shuffled. These are then placed face down in a stack. The first turn starts with the top card being turned over.

End of turn - Once all cards have been turned over it is the end of the turn. The deck should then be inspected for cards representing units that have now been wiped out. These cards can then be removed from the deck.The deck is then shuffled and placed down ready for the start of the next turn.

To Activate a Unit a player must roll equal to, or more than, the Activation number indicated on their stat card.
Add one to the roll if there are no visible enemy.
Once activated a Unit can do one of the following:
Choice Move Notes
Advance 6" The unit can also fire small arms, at one point during their move.
Run 12" Cannot fire weapons or throw grenades.

On Guard 0" Can react once per turn by firing at enemy movement across their field of fire.

In addition to those we added a close combat ability stat and individualised the stats so they don't all relate to being 'elite' etc. So for example you can be good shots but have a poor activation. Have a great activation but be poor in close combat.

For the purpose of the participation game we also decided to not use the suppression rules as whilst really good and flavoursome in a game at home over a period of an hour or two (maybe), the participation game needs to be lasting around 30-40 mins tops. So we can fit a few in and still be able to go for a gander ourselves!

Next up will be the forces . . . . . please do make suggestions, point out errors or just call me a ninny!

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Re: Gritty Sci-Fi participation game fro Salute '14

Postby mcfonz » October 10th, 2013, 6:38 pm

Hopefully this will all make more sense as I add more info.

I have tried to base the rebel forces around modern westernised force organisations.

Resistance fighters:

Overall rules:
- Guerillas; Because these forces know their city better than the attacking Nova Fed, guerilla forces are not deployed at the start of the battle. Instead, they may appear anywhere on the table during their first successful activation. This applies to all units on foot, vehicles enter the table from any table edge.
- Rebel small arms; As the Resistance fighters have had to beg, steal and scrounge weapons, each unit varies in what they carry from shotguns to smg’s and assault rifles.
Rebel small arms: 18” range, 1fp or if target is within 12” 2fp.

Activation - activates on a 3+ with his command section.
Shooting - 3+
Combat - 3+
Special: A General’s influence over his forces can be instrumental in any battle. Should the section he is with fail their activation roll a d6, on a 1 - he fails to inspire any of them, 2-3 - he inspires a single unit to activate along with him, on a 4-6 he inspires two units to activate along with him.
Weapon: Deathdealer pistol - 8” - 2fp.
Armour - 5+

Infantry sections:
Activation by section - 4+

Shooting - 4+
Combat - 3+
Special: Officers are important to the resistance moral and leadership. An officer is able to push and shake their troops into action. An officer is able to force activate one unit in their section, along with themselves should their section fail an activation roll.
Weapons: Rebel small arms.
Armour - 6+

Fire teams:
Shooting - 4+
Combat - 3+
Weapons: Rebel small arms, Flamethrower, Grenade launcher.
Armour - 6+

Fire support teams:
Shooting - 4+
Combat - 3+
Weapons: Fire support teams are made up of one section support weapon and one spotter / loader / ammo carrier. Rebel small arms and one of rocket launcher / sniper rifle / hmg (hmg requires both models to use it).
Armour - 6+

Utility truck - 5+, can be shot at by infantry weapons. Activates as per troops driving it.
Command truck - 5+, can be shot at by infantry weapons. Activates as per troops driving it.
APC - 5+, Armoured. Activates as per troops driving it.
4+ Armoured.
Activate - 4+
Shooting - 4+
Weapons: Light cannon, hmg.

So each section comprises of two four person fire teams (I have female resistance fighters in my army) and two two person fire support teams which are armed with support weapons, plus an officer.

There are three sections plus the command section. This allows for four participating players.

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Re: Gritty Sci-Fi participation game fro Salute '14

Postby mcfonz » October 11th, 2013, 8:47 am

Now for the other side!

Nova Fed forces

Squad (10):
Activate: 3+
Shooting: 3+
Combat: 4+
Weapons: Laser rifles or assault rifles, chain gun (lmg) or flamethrower.
Special: Can split into two groups of five.

Tactical Support Mecha:
Activate: 4+
Shooting: 3+
Combat: 5+
Weapons: Lmg, flamethrower, missile launcher.
Special: If twin armed with two of the same weapon, re-roll misses rather than shoot twice. If armed with two different weapons choose to fire one or the other. Separate targeting software must be used for target acquisition!

Skull drones: Skull drones are assigned to a squad and must activate with it. They are otherwise an independent unit. They have a complicated sensor array that helps prevent enemy units creeping up on them. No guerilla unit may deploy within 12” of a skull drone. The only other ability the skull drone has is to explode! To do this it simply moves into base-to-base contact with its target and then detonates. Any units with a model within 4” of the drone when it explodes is hi as if being shot with 4 die and makes armour saves as normal. Against vehicles it uses 3fp but can only damage the vehicle as it concentrates it’s blast on the armoured target.

VIP - the vip remains in the control of whichever squad he is lead by. His bodyguard will remain as close to him as possible and continue to attack anyone that captures him until they are wiped out. They automatically activate at the beginning of the turn before any card is turned over.

The VIP vehicle is a standard 6+ civilian vehicle. If it is destroyed the VIP will always survive but is thrown d6” in a random direction from the vehicle.

Bodyguard (4):
Shooting: 3+
Combat: 4+
Weapons: Assault rifles.
Armour: 5+

As you can see some of the units are not yet complete but this is the majority of the Nova-Fed force. I shall put together what there is of my resistance fighters at some point over the weekend although at Salute Andrew Rae of Statuesque Miniatures is going to provide the participation game with a lovely force of his Resistance Ladies! Along with the VIP and bodyguard. :)

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Re: Gritty Sci-Fi participation game fro Salute '14

Postby mcfonz » October 12th, 2013, 5:42 pm


A shot of the table a couple of weeks ago.

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