VBCW (Very British Civil War)

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VBCW (Very British Civil War)

Postby swordsworn_pilot » July 3rd, 2013, 9:06 pm

Hi Folks, we recently played a VBCW scenario one force heard of strange goings on at the home of a wealthy foreign gentleman " trucks coming and going late at night with some men who were armed".
So a local force is sent cross-country to investigate whilst some armour support follows up along the roads.
Two squads of Scots Soldiers move in and straight away spot a compound, they also hear voices on the raised ground covering the main approach.

One squad moves to investigate the compound whilst the other moves towards the voices, surprising a Hmg team after a brief fight the team are taken out. however the noise begins to alert the defenders.

The compound is an illegal arms dump. The defenders begin to evacuate the stores.
Full Battlefield Pic

As the compound is overrun the trucks make a dash for it, covered by some mobsters.

The bad guys at the main road block now come under fire from the rise and the arrival of another squad with tank support seals their fate. They did however put up a good fight and even tried to assault the tank.

The trucks are trapped so try to cut across country to avoid the tank.

End Game with a prisoner taken, the compound and house overrun and the sky light up as a truck full of munitions goes up its all over for the bad guys.

There were 28 pics taken so i'm sure jeff will carry some on his blog JJS413, The Gen, Blogger
I would put a link here if I knew how.

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